What our clients have to say about our relocation service

Testimonials and feedback from current and past Relocate Cambridge clients

Testimonial from Sara-Jane Dunn relocating to Cambridge from Oxford to undertake a job with high-profile global company.

“Without reservation, I would recommend the services of Relocate Cambridge to help you find a property in Cambridge. The service is personable, thorough and informed by an in-depth understanding of the city and its different areas. Within a day we’d found a great place and it wouldn’t have been possible without Clare’s help and inside knowledge. It puts your mind at ease to have help at every stage of the moving process, from deciding where to look through to negotiating rent, and this removed the hassle of relocating to a new place. Brilliant service.”

University Professor relocating to the UK from Singapore. Due to geographical constraints we were able to source the ideal property prior to the lady’s arrival in the UK so she was able to arrive in Cambridge and move straight into the apartment without the need for hotel accommodation.

“RelocateCambridge makes relocating a breeze. They have a good pulse on the Cambridge property market that no amount of online research you undertake on your own can match. Clare in particular is a wonderful relocation agent. She oversees the entire relocation process with efficiency, warmth and humour. She is always contactable and responsive, even months after I have settled in. No query or clarification sought is too insignificant for her and that to me is the epitome of service excellence.”

…anyone who can pick up the phone and ring you will be won over


Martin Wastie, relocating from London with his family

“Clare did a very thorough job of understanding our requirements and put together a wide range of properties to view in what was a very busy day of viewings. She did a great job at showing us lots of contrasting options (villages vs town) which really helped us to isolate what was important to us.”


Jim MacMahon, relocating from France

“Thank you so much for your efforts yesterday. Excellent and very professional. Impressed.”


Sabine Jacaud relocating from London with her family

“Relocate Cambridge must be one of the happy memories their clients turn to when looking back on early days here. They know the area both as experienced relocation professionals and as residents. Very quickly, they will be anticipating what you don’t yet know you need and helping with everything. We loved working with them”.


Nandan Nayampally, relocating from Texas

“Our move from the US was significantly simplified due to Clare’s focus as well as her understanding of the market and our needs. She is resourceful, patient and extremely helpful. The information package was comprehensive and she went out of her way to connect us with key tradespeople that have been additionally responsible in making our settling here a lot easier.”


Mr & Mrs Greene and family moved from Connecticut USA to work at the University of Cambridge

“Relocate Cambridge did an amazing job of helping us with our move to Cambridge. With the advice of Angela Joseph, our relocation specialist, we were able to find the perfect place to live, select a school and arrange for the move without ever setting foot in the UK. We couldn’t have done as well if we had spent a month on the ground house hunting. Our move was completely stress free thanks to Relocate Cambridge and we were able to enjoy life in Cambridge from the very first day. I highly recommend their professional, attentive


Mr & Mrs Chandran moved from Malaysia to be close to their four sons who were attending a Cambridge private school

“It has been more than a year since you helped us purchase this house. I am filled with a deep sense of thanks to you. The task of finding a house for us here in Cambridge, while we were in Malaysia, was not an easy one. We had so many conditions on location in relation to school and town, plan and design of the house, size of rooms, number of wash-rooms, garden, etc. Your suggestion of this house met ALL our demands.

You were simply superb to work with. Thank you very much indeed.”


 Mrs B Wilson moving from Norway.

“Whilst we were living in Olso, Norway Angela was able to help us buy our ideal family home in only three visits to Cambridge. She is capable and resourceful and very good at asking the right questions so that precious time is not wasted. She is practical at the same time as being fun.”